Dual Language Program

We are proud to offer a dual language program for our students. We have one dual language (English/Spanish) class per grade for grades PreK – 5.

How do Dual Language classes work?

  • All core curriculum subjects are taught in both English and Spanish.
  • Classes are taught in a 50/50 format (one day in English, one day in Spanish).
  • Written materials and programs are available in both English and Spanish.
  • The program builds all elements of language fluency (listening, speaking, reading, and writing), with the goal of full fluency in both languages by the end of 5th grade.

What are the benefits of the Dual Language Program?

Students in our Dual Language program are building language and literacy skills in both languages that will last a lifetime. Younger children often have an easier time learning new languages than older students or adults. Dual Language programs have been linked to improved cognitive skills and better academic outcomes. Children who grow up with exposure to multiple languages also have an easier time learning additional languages in adulthood.

Who can benefit from Dual Language?

We recommend our Dual Language program for any student! These classes are great for bilingual students, for native English speakers wishing to gain Spanish proficiency, and native Spanish speakers wishing to gain English proficiency.

Does my child need prior Spanish (or English) language experience?

No! Our Dual Language program is open to all, regardless of language background or prior experience. You’ll be surprised how quickly your child becomes comfortable learning in both languages!