Developing Thinkers, Leaders, and Problem Solvers

At P.S. 98M, we challenge students to achieve their highest potential. All of our programs fully meet New York State and NYCDOE grade-level standards, but we don’t stop there. Our hands-on, innovative approach develops independent thinkers, problem solvers, and leaders who are ready to meet the challenges ahead.

Core Curriculum

Our curriculum is academically rigorous and meets all New York State and NYC DOE educational standards. Our core programs include:

  • English Language Arts: Fundations (phonics/word study); Teacher’s College Readers and Writers Workshop
  • Math: Go Math, Engage New York Mathematics, Algebra for All
  • Science: Amplify Science
  • Social Studies: NYCDOE’s Passport to Social Studies
  • All students have art and physical education 2x weekly and library, technology, and science lab 1x weekly
  • Students in our dual language program receive instruction for all core content areas in both English and Spanish.

Science, Technology, Computer Science, and Engineering

Technology, computer science, and engineering are infused into our project-based curriculum. We also have special partnerships to engage students with coding, engineering, and environmental science.

  • CS4ALL: Through Computer Science For All, students learn computational thinking, problem solving, creativity, and critical thinking as they create with technologies.
  • CTSC: The Center for School Technology works with our teachers to create innovative learning opportunities and technology integration as part of our daily teaching practices.
  • City College: City Technology has developed curriculum units that integrate engineering, science, math, literacy, and art while immersing students in engineering design processes.
  • NYRP: New York Restoration Project brings nature to the classroom through a series of interactive lessons focused on environmental education.

Arts Residency Programs

Our Arts Residency Programs bring art, theater, and music into the classroom.

  • Ballet Hispanico provides weekly dance lessons during the fall or spring terms, which include a curriculum integration project (e.g., writing or drawing) and a culminating program.
  • Midori & Friends empowers our students by developing their musicianship and instilling core life values. Their music programs open doors to a vast musical world for our students.
  • Rosie’s Theater Kids is an arts education organization dedicated to enriching the lives of children through classes in music, dance, and drama; thoughtful mentoring; and structured academic guidance.

Academic Support

We offer a full range of Special Education (SPED) services for students with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs). We also provide academic support for any student struggling to master grade-level standards. Your child’s teachers will work with you to identify your child’s needs and make sure they are getting the help they need to be successful.